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General Rules for RolePlaying

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General Rules for RolePlaying

Post by Bob-Kyle on Fri Apr 09, 2010 3:16 pm


General Rules for Role

- Do not double post -

- Keep swears to a minimum -

- There is a three line minimum to post -

- Keep sexual content down to a bare minimum -

- No God Modding -

- Please refrain from using smileys while in character -

- Use correct spelling, punctuation, grammar, and capitalization. If you need help with your spelling, I recommend spell-checking first -

- Do not kill any character played by a member -

- Do not over control a character played by another member -

- Do not speak for another character played by a member -

- Do not kill your character. Do not regenerate your character after killing him. To kill a character off, send a moderator a private message with your wish and your reason -

- Always use OOC: when you are not talking in character (Out Of Character) -

And one last thing
In case you haven't noticed or don't care, this text role play is done strictly in English. You must be able to understand and be able to type in fluent English.

- Methods to Role Playing -

Many people have different methods. I'm just going to show you some of the basic ways to role play if you don't already know. You can come up with your own style utilizing several of these methods or maybe your own method we haven't brought up.

- Storybook Method -

The Storybook Method is simple and easy. You just write as you would write a book or a story.

- Bold and Italics Method -

This is easy to use as well. You simply bold your words when you talk and you italicize your actions and anything you are describing.

- Color Code -

Another way to write in role playing is with Color Code. You simply colorize what your character is saying. Easy stuff as well.

- Quests and Personal Adventures -

Without quests, well, it just won't be that much fun every time we go exploring new countries and continents. So, there will be a batch of quests for each one for you to apply for and be matched up with other players that applied. Now, not everyone will be able to get in, some will be left out, so that is why there will be plentiful quests for every player to join. Each quest will be
watched over by a mod, and once the quest has been officially finished, the chosen mod shall dish out the awards depending on how well you role played, how involved you were (Keep in mind to follow the rules for this part...) and how well you finished the quest (Also bear in mind a long and fulfilling quest is far better than a short and unsatisfying one.)

Now personal adventurers on the other hand, are something of your own. You may choose to do this, or you can not, your choice. A personal adventure is something you make yourself, your own adventure. You can only have one of these per landmass. Simply start your own topic, then start role playing, simple as that, of course, the General rules still apply to this. However, not everybody will want to go wandering off by themselves, so if one person wants a friend or some friends to role play with, simply decide amongst yourselves who's going to be role playing together, then PM a mod to merge your personal adventure topics so you can start role playing together.

- Event Rules -

Events are special occasions in the RP. They may be festivals, massive battles or any number of other things. Generally, they will include some plot vital storyline. They always obey the General and Quest rules but include a few extra...

-You must wait for two post to occur after yours before you can post again-

- NPC Rules -

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