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Level System

Post by Swordplay on Wed Aug 04, 2010 3:39 pm

In the RP, you level by the amount of quests you complete, and because of this, quests can be considered as one EXP. After you level up, the experience is subtracted from your total.

Level 1: -

Level 2: 1 EXP, allows user to hold two spells.

Level 3: 3 EXP, allows user to hold four spells.

Level 4: 5 EXP, allows user to hold six spells.

Level 5: 10 EXP, grants user ability to make forgeries in both friendship(clans), and in weaponry.

Level 6: 15 EXP, allows user to hold eight spells.

Level 7: 25 EXP, allows user to hold ten spells.

Level 8: 40 EXP, allows user to hold fifteen spells.

Level 9: 45 EXP, allows user to hold twenty spells.

Level 10: 50 EXP, allows user to cast each spell twice in a quest without having to replenish mana.


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