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Truth, Justice, and the Moblin Way!

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Truth, Justice, and the Moblin Way!

Post by Swordplay on Tue Aug 03, 2010 10:57 am

Glenn had been wandering throughout the desert for at least a day, there was no sign of life, nothing threatening or dangerous. He had run out of water a hour ago, but it wasn't the fact that he was thirsty that bothered him, it was the fact that he was really bored.

Finally, he saw something in the distance, a tower of some sort. With newly found resolve, he took off running at the tower. Upon reaching it, he was faced with two moblins standing guard, but they did not immediately attack him. Instead, they simply looked at him.

Err... This is odd. I wish to speak with your leader about the war.

You smell like good person. We take you to see Chief Keeseman!


The moblin beckoned Glenn into the fortress, Glenn felt uneasy due to his past experience with Ganondorf's Moblins, but got over it relatively quickly. The moblins in the fortress were nice to him for the most part. Aside from trying to understand their butchered language, he was not having any problems. They climbed to the top of the fortress and finally reached a throne, where Glenn was told to sit.

He sat in the throne uneasily before being dropped into an underground cavern full of Keese.

Welcome to the Keese Cave! I understand you wish to speak about the current war going on outside our borders?

The Moblin, Keeseman, spoke with a perfect accent, with an underlying stereotypical hero undertone.

Yeah. The Tarmians sent me here to request help from you.

What reason do we have to come to your aid?

Well... If the Subrosians win this war, your tribe will be next. If we don't stop them now, they could take over the world. They're using these things called essences to power themselves up, so we need all the help we can get.

Well then, for great justice!

The moblin stepped out of the darkness, and quite frankly, his appearance took Glenn by surprise. He wore a purple mask that covered his eyes and chin, but allowed a clear look at his mouth. His ears were no longer drooping like a normal Moblin's, but they stuck straight up like a Keese's ears. Covering him was a purple cape, which was completely fine until he struck a pose, revealing his full outfit. He was wearing pink spandex, with a purple speedo, and matching purple gloves and boots. He pointed towards the sky, with a determined expression.

When he finally stopped posing, he beckoned Glenn upstairs to discuss more diplomatic side of the agreement.


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