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Ilia Empty Ilia

Post by EpicToaster360R on Tue Aug 03, 2010 5:18 am

Name: Ilia

Race: Hylians

Short Bio: Ilia's parents where hylians that had tried moving to Tirmina during the beginning of the 7 year war escaping the conflict and bloodshed. They took a boat to
Holodrum but the mother died in child birth and the father mysteriously disappeared after the boat had anchored. Ilia was raised by Kokiri's that had also fled to Holodrum in hope of a peaceful land. Ilia grew up living in Clock town. She was tought by the Kokiri's to love and respect everything around her. eventually the Kokiri's set out on there own back to Hyrule hearing of the wars end. they left Ilia behind at the age of 14 to start her own quest with a fairy to protect and guide her on her quest.

Description: Ilia has blond hair and blue eyes like her parents and wears a green tunic and hat similar to links. she also wore brown boots and gloves. She enjoyed the Clock town festival and never knew who her real parent where but was told by the kokiri that her father was still alive somewhere.

Ilia 16gioso

Homeland: Tarmians

Gender: Female

Allignment: Lawfull Good

Posts : 45
Join date : 2010-08-02

Character Profile
Name: Ilia
Race: Hylian

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