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Dude! Wheres our boat?!

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Dude! Wheres our boat?!

Post by Bob-Kyle on Fri May 14, 2010 3:40 pm

At the docks, where an outstanding, but broken ship was docked, stood a large group of hooded figures. Seeing it was dusk, and the docks aren't all that populated at this time, nobody had blinked an eye at them.

"...Perhaps we should have taken the liberty of paying the Gerudo AFTER he had told us everything? Such as the ship being BROKEN?!"
one of the hooded men at the front said to the two besides him. Clearly they weren't told everything about the ship they were about to steal...

"Quiet down. It doesn't look too hard to fix. We have enough people here anyways." the second sighed, annoyed at how easily tempered his comrade was. He turned and round and gave the orders to both search and then fix the ship to the platoon behind him, and immediatly they began work.

In a single file they began to board the ship, and despite their footsteps being echoed through it seemed not to wake the few of the adventurers that were still on the boat...

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