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Post by Linksknight on Thu May 13, 2010 11:52 am

Name: Lexianos

Age: 26

Race: Holod

Short Bio: Originally from Horon but raised in a distant land in turmoil, where he was an elite soldier arrived in Horon to escape at his families request

Description: Lexianos is 6ft '2 with long blonde wavy hair down to his back, he wears a heavy suit of armour made from the finest metal in his lands, crafted to perfection by his uncle and carries a Bullwark shield with his family crest engraved in gold trimming along with a small picture of his young daughter, however the shield is slightly rusted under the surface so until it is fixed it cannot be used in battle.

Homeland: Unknown

Gender: Male

Allignment: Chaotic Good


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Character Profile
Name: Lexianos
Race: Holod

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