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Spells and Essences

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Spells and Essences

Post by Bob-Kyle on Fri Apr 09, 2010 3:11 pm

Below are the spells for each landmass, including the essences that are required for the spells. How they work is, one essence can be made into the first spell on a branch, while two allows the second to be made, and three for the third. Keep in mind, you must have the first to get the second, and the second to get the third. Now there are five types of magic, three branches are unique to each landmass, the other two are fairy and battle magic, which are everywhere.


Hyrule's Magic


Fireball:Summons a ball of fire.
Din's Fire: Unleashes fire in all directions, harming allies and foes alike.
Bombos: A powerful attack concentration on the area around the caster, completely engulfs the area immediately surrounding the caster in explosions and fire alike.

Essence of Din


Water beam: Shoots a beam of water.
Naryu's love: Creates a barrier of protecton for the caster or a ally.
Ether: Engulfs area in ice, freezing enemies and allies nearby for a short

Essense of Naryu


Wind blast: Summons a gust of wind.
Farore's Wind: Enables you to teleport short-range or long-range.
Quake: Creates a Massive Earthquake that ruptures the ground and creates gusts
of wind to erupt from them.

Essence of Farore


Holodrum's Magic


Heatwave:Changes the weather into unbearable heat.
Mirage: Creates false images in the eyes of surrounding enemies.
Sunspot: Skews the surrounding magnetic field, causing metal weapons to cling to the ground for a short time.

Essence of Notus


Aerial Blade: Creates a blade of wind that slices all in its path.
Gale: Changes the weather into unforgiving gusts.
Thunderstorm: Changes the weather into a harsh thunderstorm.

Essence of Zephyrus


Geyser: Creates a gush of water that spurts from the ground.
Rainstorm: Changes the weather into a relentless rain.
Hailstorm: Changes the weather into a hailstorm.

Essence of Boreas

*Note about weather changing effects: They do not affect the caster!

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