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Post by Bob-Kyle on Thu May 13, 2010 11:03 am

Here is some help for when posting your character scroll, to make sure everybody is in working order.

Inventory, spells and such will all be handled by mods in your profiles character sheet. As such, for registering, you only need to give these details:


Name: The name of your character, of course.

Race: The race you wish your character to be. To check what races are currently available, please check the players guide.

Short Bio: Give a short backstory of your character. Remember! Be interesting! Although do keep SOME limits, remember those underaged come on this forum as well, so keep that in mind. PLEASE don't make a Mary Sue....People don't like Maru Sues.

Description: A description of your character. Be as detailed as you can! Only describe your CHARACTER. Armour is fine, however your character wil not have weapons and such when he begins. You will be given sufficient materials to have a weapon made at the forge however, so don't fret.

Homeland: The landmass your character hails from. E.G: Hyrule

Gender: Pretty simple. Male or Female? Or in the case of races such as Gorons, who have no gender, just say N/A.

Allignment: Is your character evil? Is he good? Is he chaotic or is he civilized? Please use the words "Lawful" or "Chaotic" then "Good" or "Neutral" or "Evil". E.G Lawful Evil.


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