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Breaking out an Old Friend.

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Breaking out an Old Friend.

Post by Bob-Kyle on Thu May 13, 2010 10:21 am

"And....Checkmate my old friend" Temujin said to Naraku, as he moved his Queen to the opposite side of the board, trapping Naraku's King.

"Well Temujin, I may be all powerful and all knowing, but you're still a better strategist than me, I'll give you that, heh" Naraku replied with a slight chuckle, his glowing chains and shackles making a clinking noise as he moved the pieces on the chess board back to the starting position.

"You always were one for working alone, so I don't blame you for not always taking others into mind when making plans" explained Temujin with a bit of sadness in his voice, clearly showing he showed disapointment in his friend opposite of him.

"Please, if I were to take others into account I wouldn't have gotten this far-" Naraku was sentence was cut short as the pari turned round when they heard a loud explosion at the temple door, dust and debri now filling the room, or prison, if you would call it that.

After it cleared, there appeared three cloaked men, all dressed in red robes and hoods now walking swiftly towards the pair. As it was Temujins job to both protect Naraku and make sure he stayed there, he shot up and began to unsheath his sword, however was stopped in doing so when the red robed figure in front raised a hand and motioned for Temujin to move to the right. Before the Hylian could raise in eyebrows in question, he instantly felt a force that pushed him hard against the wall, knocking him out.

"Hey!" Naraku shouted, standing up and grabbing the glowing bars of his prison to see if Temujin was okay. From what he could see, his guard was alright, so began to stare questionably at the three men coming towards him.

"We have come for you, Naraku Denalakosé. We, are the Crimson Order. We are a secret organisation that take orders directly from him, obeying his orders across many worlds, including yours. It would seem...He has plans for you yet..." in an eery deep voice, the man in front seemed to answer what was on Narakus mind. He motioned for Naraku to take a step back, and after doing so, the glowing bars became no more.

"What about my shackles...?" It was clear that Naraku was impatient and wanted to be free pretty quickly.

"He...Feels that you are far too powerful in your normal state. With those shackles, your powers will be limited to travelling across dimensions and your world and such. Along with that, you can change things in your world, however only in a postive way, as so that you may not bend the rules by 'changing' beings to be dead. And lastly, you are prevented from coming within five miles in distance to those who put you here..."

"Wonderful. Very well, am I to know what these plans are?"

"You'll know..."

"Of course I will. Stupid question..." Naraku said sarcastically. Glancing at Temujin, he then dissapeared in a bolt of purple glowing lightening.

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