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Greetings, from the Gorons

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Greetings, from the Gorons

Post by Bob-Kyle on Sat Apr 24, 2010 10:15 am

Ah, the mountains. Maximus had never really felt he had much in common with other gorons. He missed his family and his village, but he felt about as odd as anyone else would approaching strangers. He caught site of them after a while. The gorons here were positively pygmy compared to the ones in Hyrule. They were only about as tall as the average Hylian.

"Hey, Goro, yer not from 'round dese parts."

The Goron before him had the silliest shirt on he had ever seen and his accent was thick and very noticeable. Still, he
seemed friendly enough.

"Yeah, just passing through. I'm Maximus. I come from Hyrule."

Actually, he came from just outside Hyrule, but this far out, it was splitting hairs. The Goron lit up.

"Oooh!" he said, 'o' sound stretching out kind of oddly. "Hyrule. 'der was a waur der recently, ay herd dat."

The goron took a good look at Maximus, and caught site of his shoulder, and the massive scar, mostly superficial, that

"Looks lieke you saw you faair share of action, don't it? 'ow 'bout I buy you a rock brisket, eh?"

Maximus thought that was the sensible idea he had heard since he left Hyrule.

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