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You can't change who I am...

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You can't change who I am...

Post by Bob-Kyle on Sat Apr 24, 2010 10:13 am

After meeting up with Lilah and Hob and walking back with them to the Inn, Quint sneaking out, deciding to take up that
offer the sly Subrosian had made. It was night time, and the glowing moon shone white rays down onto the land, as Quint looked around for the bush he and Laila had come across earlier on in the day.

"Come on...gotta be here somewhere...Ah ha!" Quint said aloud, as he saw the portal in a bush he had pried open.

"Sure you want to go down that road again?"

Quint turned around...only to see nothing but the trees and grass around him.

He slowly unsheathed the blade Glenn had given him...

"Who's there? Show yourself!" Quint ordered, however, whoever it was, either was deaf or ignorant.

Quint suddenly felt a presence behind him, however did not react, as it...seemed...familiar...

Everything went white, as he felt the back of someone touching his back.

"I understood why you did everything after I was gone, but I would have
thought your new lover would have got some good in you...And yet...Here
you are...A few steps away from betraying your friends again."

Quint snorted.

"Friends? Pah...acquaintances...or simply allies. Friends are for the weak, they not only leave you vulnerable...but...they get taken away soon after...or become your enemy..."

"Hmm...That blade you hold...it's not yours. The Caledrian who gave you it. Do you think he gave you it out of
boredom? Or...perhaps because he can see the good in you, and would rather have you alive, so he can help bring that light out of the darkness within you? Just like Lilah wants to?"

Quintraised the sword a tad and eyed the blade up and down, until he lowered it once again.

"He...I...I was in trouble. He didn't give me it out of friendship...He gave me it because I fight on his side and he needs every man he can get on his journey. He was not looking out for me...but for himself..."

"Hmph...If you say so. How about Vess then? She's the only one who knows about your betrayal before, of kidnapping her and taking Max and everyone straight to Iceheart...Do you think she keeps quiet about that because she enjoyed the whole ordeal? Or because she has seen the light in you, and would rather see it blaze, rather
than be tarnished with more hate and revenge?"

"...She keeps quiet out of shame. She doesn't want anyone, even her father...To know what she went through in
there. She simply doesn't mention who kidnapped her because she is as delusional as every other fool who thinks a villain can be changed."

The person behind him sighed, as she shook her head.

"It saddens me, that you still see yourself as a villain, as an evil man. Ah well. Seems my time here is coming to an
end...Think about what I have said...And remember... There are those who know there is light in you, and strive to take the shrouding darkness away.



Everything returned to as it once was, and Quint could no longer feel the presence behind him. He turned around, only to see nothing like before, only the bush that contained the portal.

"...Pearl...?" He murmured, lowering his head, as he strode over to the bush.

Prying it open, he stared deep into the portal.

"...A man cannot be changed from who he is...Even with friends..." Quint whispered, before dropping through the portal.

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