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Under the Rose

Post by Bob-Kyle on Sat Apr 24, 2010 10:13 am

After getting a bit restless at the inn, Quint decided he wanted to go explore. Though of course, he wanted to go find Lilah and Hob, rather than go about by himself, so he thought it best to go back to the ship and ask if anyone knew where they had went, to then be offered help from Laila, who had thought it sensible for two Gerudos to go exploring together.

"So...what side were you on?" Quint asked, trying to break the silence as they walked.

"Both..." Laila replied.

"Huh? How does that work? Can't see Ganondorf being too happy having one of his minions working for the other side as well." Quint stopped, confused at her answer.

"That swine didn't care either way. He was going to destroy everything anyway..." she answered, as Quint shrugged and continued walking.

"Hmm. Fair enough. So, you close to Glenn?"

"He saved me, and damned me at the same time. Not exactly sure."

"...Wow...You are one hell of a confusing girl." Quint said, raising an eyebrow.

Eventually they came across a cloaked man, well assuming it was a man, as nothing could be seen for the cloak. Laila suddenly tensed up and pointed at the person.

"There he is! Grab him!" she yelled as he started chasing after the man, who was now running after realizing Laila was talking about him.

"I suppose someone would question why we're grabbing some random guy but meh, whatever" Quint said sarcastically, as he began to give chase as well.

"He was snooping around the boat... I believe he may have stolen... Nevermind." Laila explained as they ran, well, sort of explained.

Suddenly the man ran towards a bush, jumped at it, and disappeared completely into it, without a trace. The pair slowed down to inspect the shrubbery.

"Nevermind what he stole, where the hell did he go? There's NOTHING in this bu-ARGH" Quint yelled, as he disappeared into the bush like the stranger. Laila looked around, and then decided to jump into the bush as well.


The pair landed hard on some tough, rocky ground.

Quint looked around, rubbing his head, to see not grass and tree's, or a sky for that matter, but wavy air from the immense heat, and burnt rock and magma.

"What just happened?"

"...A different world. Come, let us explore."

"Very well...but I still wanna find Lilah dammit...so we ain't exploring for too long."

Once again, the pair started to wander, only without the pretty green surroundings. Wandering around, they eventually came across a small group of rocky houses, that seemed to be inhabited by many cloaked people.

Two cloaked figures came up to Laila and Quint. Their robes were decorated, and looked important.

"What is your business here? We don't tolerate outsiders..." a deep voice emanated from the one on the left, as the one on the right looked up a tad to reveal glowing green eyes, looking at Laila as if it recognized her. Clearly it was the same one they had chased before.

"Erm..We came here on our magic ship needing supplies, and some of us decided to do a bit exploring while we're here. But meh, if you want us to leave, do you mind showing us the way back to place where it was sunny?" Quint answered, ignoring Laila as she softly slapped her palm on her face.

The two figures looked at each other and then back at Quint.

"Magic ship you say? Hmm. Very well, we'll show you the way back to your world above..." the one who spoke before replied, as he lightly grabbed Quints arm and took him out of earshot.

"Do you remember where you went to come to this place?"


"Then come back here at a later time, and find me in my home over there, so that we may talk about this magic ship of yours..." the cloaked man motioned towards one of the buildings in the village, as he brought Quint back over to the other two.

Laila and Quint then began following the pair to a strange portal looking thing not to far from where they landed, and were pushed in, to then appear back where they were before they had began chasing that cloaked man.

"Well...that was eventful..."


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