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Tarmian Library

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Tarmian Library

Post by Bob-Kyle on Sat Apr 24, 2010 10:12 am

Within the village of Tarm was a library that had texts from around the world. If there was information you needed, it was probably here. No books can be checked out, but luckily the librarian is able to assist you with copying down any information you would possibly need... As long as you don't annoy her.

The Librarian was a young woman with beautiful brown hair flowing down to her shoulders. She wore a pair of glasses that seemed to be perpetually held up at her eyes, never having to fiddle with them as they clung to her pointed ears which ever so slightly portruded her hair. She wore a white button-up dress shirt with a blue sweater over it, unzipped, which led down to a checkered skirt that went down to her knees. On the sweater was the name "Maya".

She had a strict policy of complete quiet, and intended to uphold that standard. Due to this, the library was completely quiet all the time, creating an air of uncomfort withn it.

((ooc: If you have any questions about lore within the RP, or questions about anything at all, ask the librarian!))

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Re: Tarmian Library

Post by Bob-Kyle on Sat Apr 24, 2010 10:12 am

Glenn had spend at least two hours in the library reading. One book in particular had been interesting to him, "Essenses and Fairies". Just by reading the first sentence, Glenn could imagine some haughty professor or doctor writing the book. Regardless, it enclosed a lot of information about the origins of magic that he had not known.

One of the first points was that of the fact that magic is not normally usable by most races, whereas many races such as fairies are able to use it. There were recorded cases of non-magical beings being extremely adept in magic due to having some sort of relation to the people whole lived long ago whose entire civilization was based upon magic.

Fairies, or rather the higher fairies such as the Great Fairies that live in fountains are able to bestow magic to warriors that have proven themselves, but... What happens when the fairies do not deem non-magical creatures worthy of using magic?

The book stated that towards the beginning of the war (apparently the forces have been at a stalemate for sometime), after
the races of Holodrum continued asking the fairies for magic, the Great Fairies of the three fountains stopped appearing (this was also when Tarm sealed itself off from the war, not allowing anyone entrance besides citizens who wished to go back and forth).

It was then that the stones were found. Although they appear to be similar to other stones, in the dark they glow with a dull radiance. It was revealed that these stones hold the power that the races had so long sought. The power to bestow magic on oneself without the help of any fairy was suddenly ours.

By unlocking the stone's power, one is able to receive the memories contained within the stone. With the memories comes
a certain amount of power that can be harnessed in order to learn magic.

Unforunately, the recipient must be mentally capable of holding the memories as well as the power, or there are certain...complications that must be dealt with.


Glenn yelled out, and almost immediately he felt paralyzed as a jolt of lightning coursed through his body. The bracelet he was forced to wear had injured him severely as the librarian walked up to him. Instantly, he was captivated by her beauty, temporarily ignoring the pain that he had just endured. At first he was tongue tied, but he managed to get words out of his


Maya kneeled down to have a look at the bracelet and shook her head. She looked into Glenn's eyes, and then raised her hand to the bracelet. Glenn felt relieved as it vanished, just as it had came.

Look. Keep this quiet... I just, don't think you did anything wrong. Even though the bracelet is gone, you can't run away from the village, they'll simply find you and kill you. Just... sit tight.

Glenn was shocked she helped him, but could only ponder as to why she would. Glenn opened his mouth to say thank you, but she pressed her finger against Glenn's lips. She shook her head as she stood up, and turned away to walk to her desk.

Glenn decided to accept her advice and explore the city elsewhere, tiring of the area.

Posts : 192
Join date : 2010-04-05
Age : 25

Character Profile
Name: Quintinius Arborinus Lucipher
Race: Gerudo
Age: 37

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