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Stone in Hand

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Stone in Hand

Post by Bob-Kyle on Sat Apr 24, 2010 10:11 am

After leaving Holod City, Glenn had begun searching for the one person who had led him on this journey, Calden. His brother, the one that had betrayed him those many years ago... He had betrayed his country, and forsaken his very soul to a man who desired only power.

What could Glenn possibly have to say to him? He arrived at a village, but this one did not look nearly as bad as Holod did. It was in perfect shape. As he walked to the village entrance, he flew backwards and slid against the ground. Glenn opened his eyes only to be greeted by an old man peering into his face. The old man let out a snicker and a snort.

Hehe. You can't enter unless to you offer up one of the sacred essenses.


The old man produced a stone from his pocket. On it was a symbol that was not Hyrulian. It glew a pale red.

Take it, if you wish to learn more... There is a Library with all you need to know within it. The Tarms are friendly people, they will welcome with you open arms, should you manage to get in.

The old man vanished, leaving the red stone behind in his place. Glenn sighed, tiring on the constant mysterious characters he met. He took the red stone to the spot he had previously been knocked back, and was helpless as his hand shot up into the air, and the stone glew bright red before shattering.

As he looked onward, the barrier appeaed once more as shatterd glass before disappearing completely. Glenn began walking forward, and saw a group of soldiers run towards him in robes.


Glenn was taken aback, and as he stopped his foot froze to the ground. He panicked, and attempted to free it as his other foot froze to the ground. Suddenly his hands were bound in chains, chained to the sides of a barrier. As he attempted to let out a simple 'Wait!', his mouth was gagged as well. He then began floating towards a castle that had seemingly come from

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