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Castle de Tarm

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Castle de Tarm

Post by Bob-Kyle on Sat Apr 24, 2010 10:11 am

Glenn was thrown before a man sitting on a golden thrown with various gems laid out across the edges. They had freed him from the chains, and simply thrown him down to the ground. Upon looking up at the man in the throne, his eyes were closed, and did not open as he began to speak.

From the look in your eyes... I can tell you are not one of us. Do you realize the severity of the crime you committed?

...Not really. I don't even know what I did.

The man stood up, still not opening his eyes, and walked over to the guard that had lead the troops to Glenn. He whispered something into his ear and the guard ran back out the way they came.

Hm... Explain what happened then.

The room was now empty, as Glenn observed. He looked back at the man and began to explain everything--the man, the stone, and what was said.

It appears to me a Subrosian tricked you into breaking the barrier... but why? The Tarmians have stayed neutral in the war, what reason could they possibly have to attack? Unfortunately, although inadvertently, you have aided the Subrosians and therefore are guilty of treason.

The penalty is death. For now, you are free to explore Tarm, but you cannot escape your fate...

Err... What? Wait, so... You're trying to sentence me to death, yet you give me permission to explore your city?
What sense does that make? I could easily escape, or cause trouble.

Glenn felt something on his leg clamp down. it was a bracelet woven of light.

That bracelet forbids you from doing anything... Undesirable. I suggest you leave from my sight, lest you be put to death sooner.

Glenn scoffed as he turned and walked out the way he came, already pondering the best plan of action.

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