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Essense of the Soul

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Essense of the Soul

Post by Bob-Kyle on Sat Apr 24, 2010 10:10 am

Glenn stepped into the shop, still desperate for more information. Glenn approached the counter and was greeted by a small peculiar man that rambled on and on about some sort of cure. Glenn waited for the man to turn around, but grew tired of waiting.

Uhm... Excuse me sir.

The man jumped back at the sound.

Who are you to barge in like that!? Why, in my day you could be killed just for even thinkin' about sneaking up on someone like that!

I'm sorry, I really am.

The man sighed, regaining control of his nerves, and then questioned as to why Glenn had come.

I read about essenses in the library, but I'm not getting exactly how this all works.

The man nodded, and turned around to a jar of pale green stones. Each was inscribed with the same symbol, something foreign that Glenn still did not understand. The man withdrew one and held it up into the light. He mumbled something, and it seemed as though the light expanded and destroyed the rock exterior until all that remained was a pure ball of energy that the man was able to move around.

This is the true Essense of Zephyrus. Within it is the essence of someone's life, left behind in order to assist future
generations. Should you choose to embrace their knowledge, you will be able to cast magic.

I see.

The man lifted the essence's pure form to the sky and mumbled more words that caused the stone exterior to return. Glenn bowed in thanks and turned to walk out before finally stopping at the door.

Are you the only ones with knowledge about this?

Yes and no. The other nations know of the stones, and that they can give you magic, but the best they can do is crafte jewels to harness the power. The Subrosians are the closest any of the other nations have gotten to harnessing the stone's power. They seem to be creating some sort of war device with them, as well as infusing their
warriors with them.

Fortunately, they still cannot get the magical aspect of the whole deal to work correctly.

Interesting. Thanks again.

Glenn walked out of the store, now content with the information. Now he only had one question--how was he to escape the death penalty?

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