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A Holodian Welcome

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A Holodian Welcome

Post by Bob-Kyle on Sat Apr 24, 2010 9:49 am

Upon approaching the fortress, Glenn noticed various burn marks on the limestone walls, as if they were constantly battered with some sort of flame. As he stepped across the weathered drawbridge, it creaked, apparently not seeing any type of repairs for a long while. Two guards greeted him, they looked hyrulian for the most part, only they lacked the pointed ears. One was a tall lanky man with a great bushy beard that protruded through the cracks of his helmet. The other was a short, stubby man that seemed to be

Oi, gov'na! Welcome 'ta Horon.

Glenn was taken back by the accent, which was obviously different from Hyrule. Although, deep within his memories, he remembered people visiting the castle in Caledra with the same accent.

Oh! Hello!

What business do you have here?

We're adventurers looking to repair our ship, but we lack the supplies. We were hoping...

I see... The kingdom cannot spare any supplies, as we are locked in a war with the subrosians. However, maybe you can find work for some wood in town. Here is a map of the city.


Glenn sighed as he entered the city. Most of the doors were closed and locked. It reminded him of the War in Hyrule, how desolate the streets had become towards the end. Not even children had come out to play any longer... but perhaps that was due to the fact that they were being forced into fighting or training. As much as Glenn wanted to help the city, he couldn't. He wasn't going to get into another war, no doubt about borders or power... That's what every war he had ever heard of was about.

Finally, there was an open door. Glenn looked up to the sign that seemed to droop above the door. It was an inn, probably where they could stay while exploring the town. Glenn slowly walked into the inn, and was greeted by no other than a deku shrub.


Hm? The name's William! Will for short!

Oh... Can you get me a glass of milk please, B...Will?

The shrub hopped down from the counter and scurried over to a jug. He poured the milk into it, and handed it to Glenn. As Glenn took a sip, he immediately realized it was bitter--or at least it wasn't as sweet an Lon Lon Ranch's milk. Glenn sat quietly, he was waiting for his friends to catch up.

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